Why KNX?

Easy integration with products of today and technology of tomorrow.

KNX (Konnex) is a building automation language, it has been around since 1990. It is an open source information technology system that means it is not exclusive to a single manufacturer. Manufacturers worldwide use the standard which allows all their systems to interoperate. A KNX installation is easy to upgrade unlike proprietary systems.

Tecport utilises Zennio KNX based technology, the worldwide standard for home and building control, supported by over 400+ manufacturers.

Most automation systems are proprietary, locking you into a single vendor, limiting the level of integration. If your vendor was to cease manufacture of the system you bought, would you be left with a house full of unsupported technology?

While a proprietary vendor has a single solution, KNX vendors have hundreds.

KNX is an open fully scalable automation solution, allowing for a high level of integration resulting in energy and cost savings, convenience and simplicity that enhance your quality of life.

By choosing KNX your investment is protected, it allows products of today to easily integrate with products and technology of tomorrow.

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